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VR | Unity | C# | Multi-platform

Engineering and Design

  • Designed and Implemented 'flight simulator' levels using a mixture of procedural map generation and scripted linear moments.

  • Designed and implemented systems for in-flight combat.

  • Designed and implemented Skyrim-like 'beacon' UI for flight simulator levels.

  • Implemented dialogue system to allow dynamic interrupts between multiple characters.

  • Designed and implemented various mini-games and vignettes throughout the game. 

VR | Unity | C# | Multiplayer online

Engineering and Design

  • Designed and implemented multiplayer interaction mechanics with a focus on live actor and networked player interactions.

  • Designed and implemented systems and tools for live actor NPCS to better influence the world around them and interact with players in different network 'shards'

  • Optimized game for the Oculus Quest.

  • Developed custom scene loading logic to avoid frame hitches over network

  • Handled Wwise / Unity implementation and maintence

  • Developed in house software to allow for performant use of Wwise effects and transmission of microphone data over network.

VR Awards "VR Experience of the Year" Winner (2020)
Raindance "Best Narrative Experience" Winner (2020)

Forbes "VR Game of the Year" Winner (2019)​

VR | Unity | C# | Multi-platform

Technical Designer

  • Designed and implemented procedural dialogue interrupt and return system.

  • Implemented sound effects.

  • Built audio editing tools.

  • Created tools for building to 8 platforms across mobile and desktop VR.

  • Created a novel VR subtitle system that increased player comfort and accessibility.

Google Play Best VR Experience Winner (2017)

Unity Awards Best VR Game Finalist (2017)

IMGA Excellence in Audio Winner (2018)

TCG | Unity | C# | Multiplayer

Audio Programmer

  • Implemented all audio for adventure zone 1.

  • Developed audio tools for audio designers.

  • Programmed optimized spacialized audio .

Funded $2,278,255 on Kickstarter with 17,765 backers.

Kickstarter Project We Love.

AR | Unity | C# | AI


  • Integrated real money and in-app purchases.

  • Implemented tutorial UI and menus.

  • Fixed various bugs.

GDC Awards Best AR Game Honorable Mention (2019)

IndieCade Innovation in Interaction Winner (2018)

Sundance Official Selection (2018)

IDFA Doc Lab Official Selection (2018)

Unity | C# | Co-op | Platformer

Lead Designer on a 2.5D co-op action platformer.

  • Designed asymmetric player mechanics to allow for unique player expression and encourage teamwork.

  • Led 3 designers within a larger team of 18 to create core game loop and level design pipeline.

  • Worked closely with tools engineer to create level editing tools for rapid iteration and testing.

  • Worked closely with usability team to interpret playtest data and balance level difficulty.

Unity | C# | Platformer

Technical Designer

  • Designed and programmed automatic follow camera.

  • Implemented audio and dynamic music system in Wwise.

  • Built fast and kinetic controls based around quick launches and precise landings.

  • Programmed physically simulated, networked grass.

  • Created Stump Zone level.

Dare to Be Digital Selection 2017

SXSW Student Showcase 2017

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